TALI’S Agriculture News


Thrive Africa Liberia Incorporated emerged from the MACY Developmental group that comprises of people organized purposely to deliver services to humanity through self-help initiative projects, the empowerment of individuals’ initiatives and creativities, and the extension of agricultural, educational, and health services through community developmental initiative programs. The group diversely recruits people from various ethnic, religious, professional, and social backgrounds without discrimination with reference to race, creed, geographical origin, nationality, gender, and religious affiliations. The MACY Developmental group is passionate about food productivity (agriculture), health, and educational delivery initiatives. These areas are basic factors that keep humanity functional on planet earth with regard to survival. In the absence of food, health delivery system, and educational provision, planet earth cannot be sustained with reference to habitation. The images seen on these pages is the result of the birth of agricultural innovation envisioned by a group of visionaries called the Thrive Africa Incorporated, the auxiliary arm of Praise Ministries International, Inc. The images explain Thrive’s shared values and core beliefs encapsulated in the group’s philosophy and mission as delineated in the organization’s handbook.

Experimental Planting

Agricultural Meeting