TALI’s Meeting Minutes




The meeting was called to order by Mr. Alimou Bayoh and the agenda was accepted by Mr. Richard Saylee.

  1. Opening prayer was done by Pastor Timothy M.V. Sawyer.
  2. Introduction, self- introduction was done by the participants of the meeting.
  3. Welcome Remark was done by Mr. Boyah, member of the Ahoc committee.
  4. Matter raising from last meeting was read by Mr. Bayoh. He mentioned that  there was a need to find a space  for  an office to carry on day-to-day  activities of the organization.

According to Mr. Bayoh, a committee was setup from last meeting  to carry on assessment. An office space area was identified situated around the Lower Johnsonville which cost 100.00 USD. The building has three rooms, bathroom, and conference room. Pastor Sawyer has a place that needs renovational work that could cost more money. It will be better to rent as the team said.  Bro. Tarnue M. Koiyan said that he was asked by pastor Jallah to locate a land for purchase; therefore, he was able to locate a half lot of land in Rebah area around Lewis Brown’s house.  Pastor Jallah was informed since then there is no further information regarding that. He suggested that the organization should be able to purchase a land to build offices, conference hall, and guest house for staff and rental purposes for the future. Sis. Yuku suggested that it will be better for the office to be ideally located for donors and partners accessibility because the organization is new.  Pastor Sawyer said that it is a good idea raised by Bro. Tarnue concerning building our own office but now, we can start by renting a place for  an office  or  the organization can used the Church in the meantime if necessary . Bro. Richard said that it will be good for the organization to accept the newly place found as an office or either used Pastor Sawyer place in Lower Johnsonville. Based on the discussion, a team was set to find an office space for accessibility which includes: Sis. Yuku, Pastor Sawyer, Bro. Tarnue M. Koiyan, and Mr. Massah K. Koiyan.

Mr. Bayoh mentioned that there was a need to have operational fund for the organization. According to Mr. Bayoh, Pastor Jallah sent $300.00 USD initially and later sent $140.00 in addition which was received by Bro. Richard to be used for transportation and refreshment. There will be accountability of all fund for the organization.

It also was agreed that the Ahoc committee do assessment on the cost and the institution to establish the website.

  • The status of Policy Document, Article of incorporation, and other legal documents were adopted. According to Mr. Bayoh, these documents will be completed. Article of incorporation will contain three(3) persons and Advisory board seven will contain seven persons. These people should be of good moral and have vision for the organization.
  • Article of incorporation: It was agreed during the meeting that the following persons should found part as incorporators:
  • Pastor Jallah Koiyan– USA
  • Mr. Alimuo Bayoh- Liberia
  • Sis. Yuku Ford——- Liberia
  • The Advisory Board:
  • One person – New York
  • One Person – Kakata

 Mr. Bayoh mentioned that there should be an attorney to be part of the Advisory Board and Bro. Richard suggested a lawyer to be part of the Advisory Board but the executive members suggested that there is need to go and think about it because the position is key to the organization; it needs people of good character and resource mobilization.

Mr. Boyah discussed the policy document and others. The Mission: Inspire and empower the poor for progress

 Vision: A world in which everyone reach their full potential dignity and equality. While going further with other documents, it was agreed by the group that the documents are huge it should be send by email to everyone for better access.

  • Plan of Action proposed and Strategic Plan with Respect to way forward.

Based on the importance of document and considering time, Sis. Yuku make a suggestion and with agreement from participants, there be  should a working session on Agriculture for livestock production etc. on the 10th of October, 2020 at police Academy as venue at the hour of 9:00 A.M. Key lead of  this session will be Mr. AlimouBayoh ,Richard Saylee  and other expertise in Agriculture.

  • AOB

Bro. Richard mentioned his visit to Gbarpolu County, the youth was willing to work in the area of agriculture with the organization. Sis. Yuku thanks the committee for the level of work done mostly those legal documents.

  • Closing prayer was done by Rev. Timothy M.V.Sawyer and the meeting was adjust 5:30 P.M.

Attendance for the meeting includes:

  1.  Mr. AlimouBayoh
  2. Rev. Timothy M.V. Sawyer
  3. Richard Saylee
  4. Mot. Sophie Sawyer
  5. Dawosu k. Whorway
  6. Cecelia Toomey
  7. Pst. David w. Gbalee
  8. Sis. Yuku ford
  9. Bro. Massah K. Koiyan
  10.  Bro. TarnueM.Koiyan