Church Memorandum


To: Pastor Timothy M.V Sawyer and Leadership of PMI, Monrovia, Liberia

From: Pastor Jallah Yelorbah Koiyan, General Overseer, PMI

Subject: Plan of Actions for 2021

Date: November 2, 2020

As we labor in the vineyard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is necessary to plan properly for the coming year to enable us maximize productivity in the Kingdom of God with reference to the holding of workshops for educational purposes, the execution of various programs based on the ministry’s needs, and the continued implementation of the ministry’s shared values (evangelism, church planting, and education); meanwhile, I and the leadership of PMI Liberia will be working with Mr. Saah Foday Kanda, the General Coordinator of the Praise Ministries International as of today’s date as stipulated in above memorandum. Mr. Saah Foday Kanda will communicate with Pastor Timothy M.V Sawyer at 231-886-721912 or at or use the messenger software to discuss ministry’s undertakings not limited to workshops, calendar of events, evangelism and church planting, ministry’s infrastructures construction such as church building, schools, office building, and among others. Mr. Saah Foday Kanda will prepare educational materials with relative to church administration and among other relevant teachings that will help church members know their responsibility to their church and the community they belong to and will train the PMI’s leadership in Liberia and help set up its church administration following the leadership’s job description and organizational structure under the leadership tab at the Praise Ministries International website. In this junction, all matters relating to church administration and ministry’s projects should be forwarded to Mr. Saah Foday Kanda, who is in charge from the date of this memorandum. Mr. Saah Foday Kanda can be reached at 704-238-3549 or at or the messenger software.